Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attie & Janine Britstown Wedding | 06.10.2012

What can I say!! In the middle of the Karoo (nowhere!) there is the cutest little hotel EVER and this is where the magic of Attie and Janine's wedding took place. I couldn't take enough photographs ... hehe! Attie & Janine, thank you so much for making me a part of your incredible day! Hope that the happiness you experienced will be reflected in these photographs. It certainly brought a huge smile to my face while editing! :)

Keep calm and count down the sleeps

As the end of the year draws near, I realise how tired everyone is! Yet how far we have come! Most of you probably already heard about the great and exciting news: That as from coming January, I will be starting to live my dream of working for myself and doing photography FULL-TIME!! YES!!! No more waiting forever for your wedding photos and no more standing in line to book a shoot over the weekend, as I will then be able to book shoots during the week as well.

Although all these great and amazing things are in line, there is still ALOT that needs to happen before then! Lots of gorgeous weddings to shoot, lots of things to sort out before I leave my full-time job and LOTS of weddings still to edit! For those of you waiting patiently for your wedding photos to get done ... THANK YOU for your patience and understanding! From next year I will be able to concentrate on my true passion. Thanks again for everyone who supports and loves my photographs! You all made this possible! Looking forward to share more awesome weddings and shoots soon, looking forward to some rest over Christmas and new beginnings in the New year ... until then ... Keep calm and count down the sleeps with me.  :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kaylin & Heinrich | 04.08.2012

Mark & Priscilla wedding | 11.08.2012

Oh my goodness! Where do I start with this wedding. When I think back to the day, there are so many things that stand out. I can remember the day I first met Mark & Priscilla for coffee. Priscilla showed me all their ideas for the wedding and I remember thinking "I'm so lucky, I CAN'T wait!!". Their wedding was so much more AWESOMENESS that I could ever imagine, and it surpassed all my expectations. And to top it all I had the opportunity to work with Evert and his team from Rooistoeltv. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The decor was incredible, the couple was incredible, the "company" was incredible and all the elements (The August wind, lighting and the cutest venue EVER - Slightly Nutty) played together to create these photos. Mark & Priscilla!!!! Thank you so much for including me in your special day. I hope you LOVE these! :) A special thanks to Mandie Niemann who assisted me for the day. I enjoy working with you!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lourens & Hermé engagement shoot | 28.07.2012

With every couple I meet, EVERY photograph I take and edit, I'm falling even more in love with my job! I am truly BLESSED!!

Mark & Priscilla engagement shoot | 21.07.2012

I'm the LUCKIEST photographer in the world!! I don't know what I was looking forward to the most: blogging this shoot, or shooting their wedding!!! The wedding definately won this one, but hey, I have such happiness right now! :) Mark & Priscilla, you two are just awesome, layed back people. You both added such unique character to each photograph and it was pure joy to work with you! Can't wait to blog your wedding!!! Hehehehe!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hannes & Lindi Engagement shoot | 16.06.2012

There's just something about winter that makes my heart skip a beat when it comes to taking photos! I enjoyed this session with Hannes and Lindi SOOOOOOO much, I didn't want it to end! Looking forward to your wedding!!!!!

Greyling Family shoot | 02.06.2012

Family is such a beautiful thing. Being loved and accepted and belonging to a family is ..... PRICELESS!

Eddie & Chanelle Engagement shoot | 02.06.2012

Okay, I admit it, it's been FOREVER since my last post and really really really apologise for getting these up only NOW! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frikkie & Janine Wedding | 21.04.2012

I LOVED this AUTUMN Wedding! The red leaves at the guest house gave me goosebumbs! And the rain gave us just about enough time to take these gorgeous photos! It was such a privilege to spend the day with Frikkie and Janine and to capture their special memories. They are both such sincere people and I feel honoured to have met them. Janine does everything according to the book and she made me feel so special when she hand-delivered a wedding invite to me a few months before the wedding! I hope you two will have a blessed marriage, may it be even more blessed than you wedding day! Enjoy each others company and may you be extremely happy!

Christopher & Carla wedding | 14.04.2012


Friday, April 13, 2012

Johan & Nikki Wedding | 31.03.2012

Johan & Nikki got married on the first ICY COLD and RAINY Winter's day. They were planning to get married in the forest, and I prayed so hard for the rain to stop, because I just knew these photos would be amazing.

As she walked down that red carpet with her grandfather (in the forest, as they planned), I was so thankful as the rays of sunlight broke through the clouds and trees. It was MAGICAL! What was even more amazing was that, before the wedding, even though it was cold and rainy, Johan and Nikki looked as if they both just knew it would turn out to be perfect and the happiest day of their lives!

To the tune of 'Amazing Grace', played by a bagpipe, everyone (yes, including me!) was trying to hold back their tears. You could see that this truely was the best day of Johan and Nikki's lives, just by the way they looked at each other. May you two never stop looking at each other without that sparkle in your eyes! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day and witness your love for each other!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marnus & Althea Wedding | 10.03.2012

I just knew this was going to be a beautiful day, and a BEAUTIFUL wedding! And it was more than that. Everything played together, the clouds, the venue, the location she showed me where we were to take the photographs, EVERYTHING! You all have probably seen my excitement on facebook the week before...hehe.

As I got to spend time with the family while they were getting ready, I realise why everything was so perfect...They all adore God and I just knew then, He adores them too! I don't think I've ever cried this much on a wedding - it was just so emotional. YES, I know, the photographer is not supposed to cry.

Anyway...Marnus and Althea, it was a blessing to be part of your day...thank you for including me!! Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vorster Family shoot with little WJ | 11.02.2012

Oh my goodness this little guy is SO CUTE! Boys will be boys will be boys... ha ha! As I was editing these photos, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face...Seriously!! no words can explain the concentration it takes to hit a ball with a stick, these photos speak for themselves. :))

Nondwe & Lukholo Lwanda Mother and Son shoot | 05.02.2012