Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jaco & Henda Wedding | 17.12.2011


From the first day I met Henda, I think it's fair to say that she has been my biggest FAN! She advertised me so much, that I was tempted to shoot their wedding for free! Thanks Henda, you're so awesome!!

Jaco and Henda are just two of the most comfortable people in front of the camera - a photographer's DREAM :)! None of us could believe when the day actually arrived and everything was in place. I think Henda counted down the days for a whole year, updating her BBM status about every second...ha ha!

Their wedding was in Reddersburg, a small town in the Free State. And everything about it was just magical. Their "team" transformed an ordinary school hall into a fairytale wedding banquet hall, I was so impressed!

What a great priveledge to have been a part of their special day!! I wish you happiness forever! Hope you LOVE your photies.

Oh, and a special thanks to Mandie who assisted me for the day...!


  1. Nicolene van HeerdenJanuary 31, 2012 at 10:34 PM


  2. Maryke, liefste vriendin - Jou woorde hier bo het my in trane gehad! Dankie vir die ongelooflike amazing mooi harts-woorde van hoe jy ons troudag beskryf het!!! Ek wens ek kon jou naam iewers hoog van 'n berg af skreeu; vir almal om te hoor!!! Nie net is jy'n BRILJANTE fotograaf nie, maar 'n Godvresende kind van Jesus - dit straal uit jou soos sonlig!!!
    Dankie is dalk net 'n woord, maar weet dit kom uit ons diepste wese; opreg bedoel!!!